Burger Jack. A trendy Food Truck

Burger Jack is a new burger concept just launched on Denmark. The two founders David and Mikkel have created a line of delicious gourmet burgers which they sell from their small food truck.

Jack is the imaginary motivator, the man behind the concept, the smily faces serving you the great burgers and of course the key character behind all communication on facebook. Once you work for Burger Jack you will adopt the spirit of Jack.

Utopia have created their visual identity inspired from retro American Diners added a twist of humor and Skandinavian modernism.

Logo, Visual identity and photoshoots

The Burger Jack logo is an iconic logo inspired by retro US diners. Besides logo Utopia designed business cards, letters and other stationary. We also managed the photo shoots for the brand.

Car design

Since the food truck itself should be able to draw attention on the streets, we designed the look and feel as a combination of the US retro diner and New Yorker taxies.

POS, Point of Sale and merchandise

Utopia design designed and produced a range of posters, banners, signs and stickers. And also the uniforms the staff is dressed in: shirts, t-shirts, caps etc.


The website for Burger Jack was designed in WordPress, the worlds biggest open source system. Go to the website here: www.burgerjack.com