Cartoon Network. Merchandise for LegoOpenAir 2013

Cartoon Network was looking for 4 merchandise products to serve as prices for the event LegoOpenAir. The merchandise should fit and attract both young and older children.<br>

Following the Cartoon Network design guide we created a minimalistic black cap, a t-shirt featuring some of the most populair characters.

In the front of the t-shirt Scooby Doo is popping out of a hole. Looking from the back of the t-shirt you will see his behind hanging out of the hole.

We created blue balloons and a colourfull key hanger featuring even more of the popular characters from the shows on  Cartoon Network.

Graphic Design

Creating main illustration for the t-shirt using the populair characters from the shows on Cartoon Network.


Designing a range of merchandising aimed at kids all ages: cap, t-shirt, keyhanger and balloons.