Decision Focus, website and visual identity

Decision Focus provides expertise in strategic consulting and portfolio management. They specialize in IBM Focal Point because it is the best platform for portfolio management, and they are one of the best-selling Focal Point knowledge centers in the world.

The look and feel for the website should be very authentic, minimalistic, trustworthy and contemporary. Adding a Scandinavian touch to it with toned down cool  colours and just a lime green colour to add freshness to the look.

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The website is designed in a minimalistic and elegant look, aiming at a Scandinavian taste. Keeping the colours soft with just the lime green to add a fresh and eye-catching look.


The name is very fitting and precise itself, so we used our time to work on the typography and adding some small graphic elements to it. The brackets are to enhance the “FOCUS”-feeling of both the name and the company.

Icons and other graphic elements

Utopia created several icons and graphic elements to give the website a unique look and more important to specify the content in the text.


Decision Focus are working with some of the largest companies in the world and their work have helped many focus and streamline their business. Cases are an excellent way of providing security for new clients looking for company to implement Focal Point.