Love-Box Copenhagen by Durex. The 2nd collection working with Durex. Launched in 32 countries.

Love-Box Copenhagen Condoms was handed out at the Love-Box festival in London

Love-Box Copenhagen by Durex

A brand and concept developed by Utopia Design itself. After launch in a few countries the brand was bought by Durex and is now sold in more than 32 countries. US and China is the countries where the brand has had the biggest success.
The vision was to develop a condom brand where the packaging did not look like a normal condom pack. Making it easier to purchase and keep in your bag, especially for young girls.
The packaging is a small designed tin with fashion motifs printed on it. The motifs changes concurrently with fashion trends. This collection was launched  in 2011.


The concept was developed by Utopia Design through 3 years of research, development, testing, testing, focus groups etc.

Product Development

Developing a concept that took inspiration from fashion and a look aiming at the young women in particular.

Tin packaging

Shaping the tin and exploring the different possibilities in tin production. Supervising the production in China.

Graphic Design, POS and Advertising

Creating all the graphic identity for the Love-box brand: the packaging, leaflets, user-guides, displays, clip strips, adds, website etc.