Pfizer, ChapStick Lip Kit tins for the UK and US. Collection 2

Pfizer, ChapStick offers a range of lip balms that have been uniquely formulated to protect and care for everyone’s lips all year round. Utopia Design has for the second time designed 7 limited editions exclusive tins – for the UK market and US followed half a year after and ordered a collection too.

The designs are inspired by the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012, where the launch took place. Creating a new and trendy package for the lip balms made it possible to launch the product  in new markets. They where quickly listed in Boots, and we are pretty proud of them!

Graphc Design inspired by trends

The collection was to be launched Spring/Summer 2012 and therefore it was mandatory to work with the current trends to be able to attract women in particular. Out of more than 200 designs we picked these 7 styles – especially the pink flamingo was a key visual for the trend 2012!


The tins were made  in China in collaboration with our close business partner who handles production, quality check and shipping. They work with a strict Code of Conduct resting assure that the conditions at the factories are very high.

Utopia has a long experience working with tins, and we use all of it when designing new tins. Working very close with our business partner we always pushing borders to what is possible in tin production.